Bluepeak to Improve Internet Services in Shawnee by Providing Fiber Connection

In January of this year, Internet provider Bluepeak announced the approval of a franchise to provide high-speed Internet fiber connection in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The Bluepeak project is worth around $12 million in providing Internet to over 12,000 businesses and residences in Shawnee City.

According to the company, businesses will be getting 10 gigabits and more of symmetrical bandwidth, while residential customers will be allocated with up to 5 gigabits. As a fiber network, Bluepeak’s capability will allow customers to have better connectivity at faster speed, and bandwidth that connects more devices.

Current State of Internet Connectivity and Services in Shawnee, OK

There are 7 residential Internet providers covering the whole city, with AtLink Broadband being the most popular. The average home receives up to 953 mbps, although the Internet speed tends to go slower for customers located far from the city’s central parts.

The fastest download speed in Shawnee reaches up to 1,000 mbps, which only 95.27% of the residents can afford. On the other hand, 3.9% of the residents subscribe to the more economical 10 mbps plan.

Types of Internet Connection Available in Shawnee

The availability of Internet depends on which part of Shawnee the Internet service is being provided, Connection by way of cables is the fastest for 95.13% of the Internet in the city, while fiber is available to only 1% of Shawnee households, Other connections covering about 4.47% of the Internet in the city include DSL me, fixed wireless and sattelite internet.

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