Moore City Residents in Oklahoma Seek Legalization of Keeping Chickens in Backyards

chickens, roosters in backyardsMoore City residents seek approval from the City Council of their plans to raise chickens in their backyard, but cannot expect the council to immediately grant approval. Actually, sometime in 2022, the Moore City council had shot down a proposed ordinance to legalize backyard chickens in Moore homes for several reasons.

OK State veterinarian Dr. Rod Hall of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry warned that 11 Oklahomans who lived in homes with backyard chickens, became ill as a result of salmonella infection.

Inasmuch as the chickens kept by residents within the grounds of their respective residence do not undergo testing, Dr. Hall warned that it’s worrisome because there is no assurance that the chickens are not salmonella infected. There is great potential therefore that raising and keeping fowls in backyards can cause salmonella outbreaks.

Dr. Hall cites the report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which stated that keeping chickens in backyards is primarily responsible for causing a nationwide spread of salmonella infections. The CDC report reveals that every year, approximately 1.35 million salmonella bacterial infections occur, which resulted in more than 26,500 hospitalizations and around 420 deaths.

Moore City Council Will Still Look Into the Matter

child holding a chickAlthough the proposal to keep chickens in the backyard was rejected before, Moore City Council members say they are currently looking into what the cities of Oklahoma and Norman require as conditions for permitting residents to raise and keep chickens in their backyard.

As veterinarian of the OK State, Dr. Hall also echoed the CDC’s recommendation for those with backyard chickens to often wash their hands. He also emphasized the need for adult residents to keep an eye on their children, particularly the young ones who love to handle and kiss chicks and then go grab a snack without washing their hands.

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Benefits of Music for Your Body

Archaeologists who excavated a cave in southern Germany discovered a flute carved from the bones of a vulture’s wings. Delicate artifacts are the oldest known musical instruments in the world. This shows that humans have been making music for thousands of years. 

It’s not possible to know exactly when people started listening to music, but scientists know something about why we are doing it. Listening to music benefits us both individually and collectively. Creating music is also beneficial. If you need to reach more music listeners, click here.

This is what research on the power of music to improve our physical, mental, and emotional health teaches us. Music connects us. Researchers believe that one of the essential functions of music is to create a sense of unity and social connection. 

Evolutionists say that humans may have developed a reliance on Music as a means of communication, as our ancestors are descendants of tree-dwelling species, that is, tree-dwelling species that call each other across the canopy.

More people listened to classical music than those who worked silently or in white noise. In the same study, we tracked how quickly people could perform simple processing tasks and found similar benefits. Mozart helped people get their jobs done faster and more accurately.

Music does not reverse memory loss in people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia but delays cognitive decline and makes people with mild or moderate dementia episodes of life. It points out that it helps to remember.

Musical memory is one of the most resistant brain functions to dementia. This is why some caregivers have used music to calm dementia patients and establish a relationship of trust with them.

The effect of music on mood many researchers have asked the group why they listen to music. It helps people adjust their emotions, researchers have found. It has the power to change the mood and help people handle their feelings.

May help reduce anxiety There is plenty of evidence that listening to music can help you calm down in situations. Studies similar to suggest that music mixed with natural sounds can help relieve people’s anxiety. Even people facing serious illness have less stress after music therapy.

Music and Anxiety

Recent studies measuring several stress indicators do not reduce anxiety by listening to music before but relaxing after a stressful event.

He concludes that the recovery of the nervous system is faster. Helps with symptoms of depression According to a research report, listening to music, especially a combination of classical music and jazz, has a positive effect on the symptoms of depression, mainly when a certified music therapist conducts multiple listening sessions. It had an impact.

Are you interested in jazz or classical music? Instead, we recommend that you try a group percussion session. The same research report found that drum circles were above average in people with depression. 

Music and Your Heart

The effect of music on the body can help your heart health. Music can make you want to move and change your breathing rate, heart rate, and blood pressure. 

The music therapy session also reduced fatigue in people receiving cancer treatment and raised the drowsiness threshold in people with high levels of neuromuscular training. This leads us to the subsequent big profit.

Music and Sports

It improves athletic performance. Sports enthusiasts have long known that music improves physical performance. A 2020 study found that exercising with music improves mood, makes physical exercise more efficient and reduces exercise awareness.

In clinical situations, athletes who listened to high-intensity, fast-paced music were encouraged to perform better in competition during the warm-up. 

Take advantage of this. Studies show that synchronizing your workout with music gives you the best performance with less oxygen than doing the same exercise without beats. 

Working with a music therapist is an effective way to take advantage of the many benefits of music to your body, mind, and overall health.

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Oklahoma Public School Districts Reporting Cases of COVID-19 Infections

This month in Oklahoma, more than 250 public school districts have sent in reports about having students and staff members who have tested COVID-19 positive. As the country’s leading health experts had warned about holding in-person classes when school re-opened last fall, public school districts are now seeing infection cases happening in their midst. .

Public schools were forced to “bite the bullet” so to speak, as Trump had threatened to cut off government funding for public education. However, as the aftermath of school reopening last fall had proved true that COVID-19 can infect children, Trump simply turned his focus on other matters. Acting as if he had no part in getting schools to reopen with in-person teaching, Trump has not lifted a finger to help state governors faced with continuously rising cases of COVID-19 infected individuals.

The more than 250 public school districts that reported infection cases, always included a statement that all contacts were traced and instructed to go into self-isolation. Some reports specifically mentioned infected persons as students, teachers or staff members of the schools or of district offices. Other reports though, simply referred to infection cases as involving someone or some people.

Two Oklahoma school districts, namely Ketchum Public Schools and Bearden Public Schools,mentioned in their report that as a result of the infections, they have shifted to distance learning.

Public School Districts that Reported Infection Cases Occuring Among Students

The following public school districts had specifically mentioned in their report that the cases of COVID-19 infection involved students:

September 21 – Bethel Public Schools, Tahlequah Public Schools, Davis Public Schools
September 20 – Idabel Public Schools, McLoud Public Schools
September 18 – Muskogee Public Schools, Miami Public Schools, Ninnekah Public Schools, Lawton Public Schools
September 17 – Ringwood Public Schools
September 16Kellyville Public Schools
September 15 Commerce Public Schools
September 14 Fort Gibson Public Schools
September 13 Yale Public Schools
September 10 Porum Public Schools

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