Your Precious Space

Space is probably one of the most valuable and expensive commodities nowadays.  It’s a precious possession. When one finally becomes lucky enough to find that precious space , it pays to have a little sense and sensibility in making it work to the best of its capacity. There are several factors in choosing a livable space that when considered, can guarantee the best results.

Choose a space proportional to the occupants. The ideal space is just a matter of figuring out how just a matter of figuring out how much of it you need. It may be a flat, a one-bedroom unit or even a penthouse. Maximizing its potential is usually based on what one does with the space and how it is utilized based on lifestyles and habits.

Consider Maintenance

Small spaces are usually the easiest to maintain because of their size. Be aware, though, that not all small spaces can be maintained well. It usually depends non the layout, resources and manpower available to allow one to adopt an easy maintenance scheme.

Forms follows function

This old adage epitomizes practicality. Let the function of the space dictate the aesthetics. The beauty of the space usually mirrors how utilitarian the space was designed for. Itemize the function of every area in the space and make it work! Create designed and decorated spaces with function in mind.

Go with the theme.

Whether you choose a Japanese, mod4ern or high tech theme, it all depends on the availability of resources and of space. A themed room creates a feeling of organization and order that automatically makes the space seem larger.

Bear in mind color theory.

Light colors are always the standard in small spaces since they are needing and can create an illusion of space. Choose drapes that go with the tone and theme of your space. Read more on how to properly clean drapes.

Beige is a classic, neutrals never go out of style, and pastels are always popular. These colors also give a very warm feel to a room and the same time ensure longevity and timelessness.