Tsunami Disaster Prevention Day

In an effort to save lives and businesses, the Tsunami Countermeasures Promotion Law had been released by the Japanese government.

November 5 is World Tsunami Day, Inamura Fire and Nankai Trough Earthquake Temporary Information

Tsunami Disaster Prevention Day

Following the severe tsunami damage caused by 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake (Great East Japan Earthquake), the Tsunami Countermeasures Promotion Law was enacted in June of the same year. The law stipulates that November 5th be a “Tsunami Disaster Prevention Day” in order to deepen understanding and interest in tsunami countermeasures.

The 5th of November was selected on the 5th of the lunar calendar, Kaei 7 (Ansei 1st year), when the Ansei Nankai Earthquake (moment magnitude Mw 8.7) occurred in the west half of the Nankai Trough. It is after doing. It was thought that the story of Goryo Hamaguchi, who evacuated the villagers from the tsunami that hit Kii Kunihiro Village during the earthquake, was important for tsunami disaster education. The lunar calendar was chosen on December 24, 1854, on Christmas Eve in the Christian era, so it is presumed that this was avoided.

World Tsunami Day

At the 70th plenary session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 22, 2015, November 5 was designated as World Tsunami Day. This resolution will transform our world: the outcome of the 3rd United Nations World Conference on Disaster Reduction in Sendai in March 2015 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015 at the United Nations: Adopted as a follow-up to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The resolution includes (1) enacting November 5 as World Tsunami Day, (2) early warning, utilization of traditional knowledge, Recognize the importance of disaster preparedness and prompt information sharing through “better recovery”; (3) Ensure that all Member States, organizations and individuals have the appropriate In a way that calls for compliance with World Tsunami Day. By the way, the famous “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” were put on the agenda of the 2030.

The purpose of remembering the 2011 Tsunami in Japan is to remind the people about Tsunami dangers and to deeply educate people about Tsunami countermeasures that can save lives and businesses. While many private entities such as many Roofing companies in Toronto are willing to extend help when disasters like this arise, there’s still a need to educate the people about Tsunami information to better prepare the people and what measures they can make in order to save lives and property.