Increasing Demand for Computer Engineers as Industry Technologies Converge and Work Together

The latest report on industry trends underscores the importance of computer engineering, as technologies are now converging in order to access large scale data. After all, widespread and safe access to enormous information is at the heart of economic development in various business organizations. A situation that is well and good for professionals looking to build a successful career in computer engineering.

While historically, the field of computer engineering was left to the expertise of a handful of highly skilled engineers, the goals were mainly to advance microelectronics and computer technology. Yet as the turns of events have it, the successful miniaturization of silicon into chips has created environments in which computers have taken over the once modern electronic devices.

Various Industries that Need Computer Engineers

Today, most states in the USA have industries in need of computer hardware engineers capable of designing automated processes for manufaturing high-tech devices. Using minute microelectronic integrated-circuit chips, computer hardware engineers design and build powerful systems that can efficiently and sustainably interconnect processes, including telecommunication systems.

Computer software engineers on the other hand, create applications for many consumer electronic devices like CD/DVD players, Ultra HD TVs and stereos, gaming consoles and handheld devices, which is just to mention a few. Both computer hardware and software engineers are in demand in industries that embed computer systems in their automobile, aircraft and spacecraft to control, as well as enable their innovations perform various functions.

The computer engineering field is quite broad since as professionals, they are also in the midsts of developments in advanced computing environments and other complex systems. The purposes of which is to achieve better performance while running on computerized systems; such as power generation and distribution plants, and large scale processing and manufacturing factories.

Currently the top US jurisdictions that have the highest demand for computer engineers and also the highest pay rates are:

(1) California $131,570 p.a.
(2) Maryland $125,290 p.a.
(3) Massachusetts $123,650 p.a.
(4) Washington $123,680 p.a.

Unfortunately in Oklahoma, the growth of computer engineering occupations is slower than in any other states. The current outlook in this particular region is that there is a limited demand for computer hardware engineers. The increase in demand for hardware engineers could grow if manufacturers of electronic devices set up their own development and processing plants in Oklahoma.

Mathematics as an Important Qualification in Becoming a Successful Computer Engineer

The most important qualification of a computer engineer is an extensive and strong foundation in mathematics. This includes not only knowledge of mathematical techniques but also capabilities for deep mathematical reasoning.

Mainly because mathematics is the language used in making ideas relevant to computer systems. The goal is to to make them work as engineering tools for analysis and for testing the operational efficiency of computerized engineering concepts.

It’s also important to reinforce one’s computing and engineering knowledge by taking advanced courses and by mastering the computer engineering course study. Most highly computerized industries consider computer hardware engineers who have completed a Master’s Degre.

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