How Your Business can Thrive during Covid-19?

Let us deal with the fact that 2020 is truly a challenging year among businesses because of the Covid-19 outbreak. However, this should not stop you from getting into business or reopening. You may look into other options like buy YouTube views while showing your operations and services/products and publish it to the internet for your market to see and spread your message.

Luckily, there are few practical tips that business owners could actually do during these trying times.

Work Your BCP

BCP stands for Business Continuity Plan. This is outlining the systems and processes to help business owners in preventing and recovering from the potential threats to the business. With the integration of the plan, it helps in ensuring that your assets and employees are protected and can quickly recover in case of a disaster.

In relevance to Covid-19, having a BCP can help in things like:

  • Protecting your employees
  • Minimizing the risks of spreading disease right in your store
  • Ensuring that the plans are put in place in the event that one of your employees are infected or quarantined and also
  • Ensure that there is an alternative arrangements among your suppliers, customers and other relevant parties, allowing your business to keep its operation

Look at Other Options

By this time, it will be highly recommended to venture new ideas and opportunities such as enabling food delivery for your business as soon as possible.

The fact that people are highly encouraged to stay home and movements are restricted, F&B businesses reported a surge in food delivery requests, 30 percent to be exact. During lockdown such as what we are experiencing now, consumers and businesses will need food delivery more than before.

Offer eWallets

Contactless payments are high demand these days. According to WHO, banknotes might possibly spread the virus. This is due to the reason that banknotes are changing hands so often and it could pick up all kinds of viruses and bacteria.

So if you wished to try and integrate contactless payment in your business, then now is the best time to do just that.