Oklahomans Ask If the Proposed Law Allowing DIY House Repairs Was Enacted?

Oklahomans Ask If the Proposed Law Allowing DIY House Repairs Was Enacted?

In Oklahoma, if a home needs some major repairs or installations of improvements, homeowners must hire a licensed professional to do the appropriate work. However, many are asking if the proposed law of easing some restrictions barring homeowners to self-manage repairs on their property, was enacted?

Many property owners, including landlords, had hoped that the bill proposed by Rep. Mike Osburn (R-Edmond) in 2017 under House Bill 1412 and sponsored by Sen. Dan Newberry,(R-Tulsa) under Senate Bill 379 would push through as amendments to Oklahoma’s building laws. Unfortunately the law did not pass approval and therefore was not enacted. After several readings, the bill died during a legislative conference in 2018. This denotes that existing state laws for building constructions and installations still prevail.

Had the bill been enacted, owners of single-residence homes would have been allowed to do major repairs,installations or construction on their property even if they are not professionally licensed builders or repairmeen; whilst subject to the condition that their work will be inspected by a licensed home inspector.

Now that many homeowners are spending a lot of time at home, not a few have embarked on some DIY projects to make their home more suitable for work-from-home and home-schooling conditions. While most Oklahomans cannot do major home renovations or repair on their roofs, do electrical, plumbing or any other work that could affect the integrity of their house, there are still some home improvement projects they can do even without a license or building permit.

DIY Projects Popular Among Oklahomans

Now more than ever, having a comfortable home that matches the family’s current lifestyle is of great importance. Yet the cost of getting a licensed repairman to do all the job could put a strain on one’s budget. Nonetheless, doing the finishing aspects such as painting walls, changing bathroom and kitchen hardware or adding foldable desks to storage cabinets, are some examples of DIY ideas many Oklahomans have undertaken as home improvement projects.

Some others have focused on their outdoor spaces to make it more stylish and appropriate for receiving visitors under the new norm. Adding a flagstone patio for one, generally does not require a permit because it is not permanent in nature. Beautifying one’s yard space can be as simple as adding some outdoor furniture and potted plants. Even installing a tree can do a lot to give one’s outdoor space an appealing and stylish look. Still it’s important to get recommendations from a local nursery when choosing the types of plants to buy, since they know the kind that thrives well in specific climates.

On the other hand, consider using power tools as they are handy electrical devices that can make some minor DIY jobs faster and easier to accomplish. An orbital sander is quite useful when preparing wood panels or furniture before applying paint. A well sanded surface always gives a paint job a polished look.

Reading a great write upabout the best and at the same time, affordable orbital sanders can provide additional information on why the tool is popular among DIY homeowners.

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