Will Donald Trump Accept Defeat?

The election campaign in the USA is entering its final phase. Will Donald Trump Accept Defeat? And what if he doesn’t? Expert Ronald D. Gerste explains the division in US society.

Donald Trump versus Joe Biden – the election campaign for the White House is the dominant political event of these weeks. Society in the USA is more divided than before: the incumbent President Donald Trump is applauded by his supporters and loathed by his opponents.

What happens if President Trump doesn’t accept the election results?

For many, the mechanisms that are currently at work in the USA are difficult to understand, from the extreme polarization of society to the complicated electoral system. In an interview with t-online, historian Ronald D. Gerste explains why the USA could face a serious crisis if Trump were defeated, why the US president himself divides entire families, and why many Americans are so enthusiastic about weapons.

Mr. Barley, the Americans will elect their president on November 3rd. In the event of defeat, Donald Trump has to leave the White House – will he do so voluntarily?

Ronald D. Barley: Donald Trump’s behavior is difficult to predict. But one thing is important: Trump’s defeat must be very obvious. Because doubts about a possible election victory for Joe Biden would be poison in this almost explosive situation. Trump has already made some strange statements in this direction, many of his statements are often just pure rhetoric. But if Trump does not leave the White House in case of doubt, we are actually experiencing an emergency.

There has never been such an exceptional situation in the history of the United States. What would the consequence be if an elected US president just doesn’t want to leave?

Then we will witness an acid test of how stable the other institutions of American democracy are and how they deal with this situation. And it will depend on how Trump supporters will behave. In some media, there are already suspicions about how the security authorities and the military will react in the event of a possible escalation.

While the rest of the world are minding their own businesses, or making reviews on tools like DeWalt 18v impact driver with battery and charger, America is being divided because of the upcoming elections. Will democracy still succeed?

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