Selfie Maniacs – the Key to Successful Plastic Surgery Business

Maniacs, fanatics, addicts. These are broad terms that are usually pointed things in general. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes are the most common form of it. Medically speaking, these are the areas typically covered under the health areas.


Aside from that, these are categorized as bad habits. Surprisingly, there is a new type of addiction that just recently emerged. This kind of addiction is truly different from the norm and far from the medical field. The new addiction is known as taking selfies. This may be surprising but it is definitely true.


Reacting ‘likes’ on social media alters the way people think nowadays. This is also a new indication of addiction on people’s brain reward system.


More than this, there is the most disturbing area of the selfie fever that is far beyond taking photos. Selfies are the latest trend in the world of plastic surgery. In fact, selfies are big opportunities for surgeons.


Why selfie addiction a big favor on plastic surgery business


Businesses using the mobile phone are now increasing. There are this mobile facial business that pamper clients at their home. But, many are still opting for plastic surgery to get the picture perfect image they ever had. Below are some reasons behind the great opportunity that selfies may bring to plastic surgeons.


Photo Op (Photo Operations)


Camera tricks and mobile apps that give professional face angling and image filters are numerously available. Some apps may even be purchase for free. Despite of this, number of women who are seeking the help of surgeons are definitely increasing. This is because women want to have those picture perfect selfies become a reality.


Actually, even the way women undergo such procedures become different. Those image filtering apps have also become the counterpart of themselves. Before, women of their times bring copy of the images from the magazines that they want to copy.


It is enormously different now as women nowadays enter the surgeons clinic with their smartphones. From there, they just swipe their filtered photos from their phone. And that’s exactly what they really want to look like. And among the group, millennials who took selfies are the primary contributing factor opting for plastic surgery procedures like that of plastic surgery tampa.


Procedures of new trends


The newest trend now between patients and medical staff is the so-called “Snapchatting procedure”. This procedure works by making women achieve the photo-shopped image that they desire to. Aside from that, through this procedure, they can able to share their real time experiences inside the operating room with their social media followers.


However, this is a little bit complicated for most medical practitioners. Plastic surgeons are having a hard time differentiating the masterpiece of a scalpel and a filter. But, as customers demand, plastic surgeons are setting new guidelines to meet the needs of the industry.